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The Windwards Cruise: Moonhole

Moonhole was a rock house built by Tom and Gladdie Johnston in 1960, and is now a community of abandoned rock houses managed by their son Jim and Jim's wife Sheena, who seem to be the only ones living there. We were given a tour by Jim and Sheena. Read about Moonhole's geology in an article written by one of our crew when we visited Moonhole in 2001.

[Postscript: Unbeknownst to us at the time, there was 9-year-long litigation in process while we were there having to do with whether Tom had bequeathed Moonhole to his son Jim or, instead, to the Moonhole Conservation Trust. Finally, in 2010, a court ruled that Moonhole had actually been properly bequeathed to the Trust. Since then, according to news reports, Moonhole’s most dedicated residents have returned to restore the settlement to its former glory. Several of the homes have been spruced up and made available for weekly rentals. Under Moonhole's current management, no tours are permitted.]

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