The estimated costs per person, assuming a crew size of 6, are given below. Included is a hotel room (single occupancy) for the night before the cruise. The costs assume participation for one week, and exclude air travel. For two weeks, double all costs except hotels. For double occupancy at the hotel, halve the hotel cost.

Sunsail offers travel insurance, at $125 per person, but they cover the entire crew or none at all, so we opted not to partake.

If you plan to arrive the day of embarkation (September 1 or September 8), you won't need the hotel room for the night before. However, consider that the advantage of arriving the day before is to give you a day to snoop around Palma and also to lose your jet lag.

If you'd like to spend an extra day or two in Palma before or after the cruise, let Sam know and hotel reservations will be made for you.

Costs Per person
Boat charter fee $940
Miscellany (provisioning, dinners ashore, taxis, etc.) $600
Hotel before embarkation $223
TOTAL $1763