We have a two-week charter, beginning at 6:00pm on September 1 and ending at 9:00am on September 15. Guidance for crew arrival and departure depends on whether sailing the first week or the second.

First-Week Crew

We embark at 6:00pm on Saturday, September 1, and will stay on board the boat in the port of Palma over the first night, so the first-week crew can arrive any time that day or before. If you're arriving prior to September 1, we'll arrange for a hotel room for you.

At the end of the first week, we will return to Palma by 5:00pm on Friday, September 7, and we'll stay on the boat that night. Thus, the disembarking crew can arrange for a homeward flight any time on Saturday, September 8.

Second-Week Crew

You should plan to fly in to Palma on Friday, September 7, so you're prepared to embark on Saturday, September 8. You'll embark on the boat around noon. A hotel room will be arranged for you for the night of September 7.

We will return to Palma by 5:00pm on Friday, September 14, which is when we're obligated to have the boat back in harbor at the end of the charter. We have to be off the boat by 9:00am the next day, Saturday, September 15.