We will have the boat from 6:00pm on Sunday, May 7, through noon on Monday, May 22, with a mid-cruise crew change on Monday morning, May 15. The cruise will start and end at St. Lucia, and the crew change will be at Grenada.

Below are details for each week's crew. Hotel reservations will be made for the second-week crew.

First-Week Crew

The first-week crew will arrive in St. Lucia on Sunday, May 7, to board the yacht after 6:00pm. We'll eat dinner ashore and stay the night on board.

At the end of the first week, the boat will moor at the Moorings base at Grenada late on Sunday, May 14. Crew who are sailing for only one week will disembark the next morning in time to catch their flight home. Those who are sailing for two weeks will stay on board and disembark at St. Lucia on Monday morning, May 22, in time to catch their flight home.

Second-Week Crew

The second-week crew will fly to Grenada, arriving on Sunday, May 14 and staying in a hotel that night. The next morning they will travel to the Moorings base where they will board the boat as the first-week crew members disembark. Transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Moorings base will be by taxi and will not be pre-arranged. Second-week crew will disembark at St. Lucia by noon on Monday, May 22, in time to catch their flights home.